While in the higher learning of college, I majored in General Engineering, directed towards Electrical Engineering. Also, as a minor, I studied Sociology as well as Politics and Economics. The combination of these three have given me the advantage of being able to keep up with current events and the changing landscape of laws, bills and acts passed by the legislative branch of the government as well as the executive branch.

All of this places me in a unique position to be able to discern events which are occurring or have recently occurred for those who read this blog because they do not quite understand what is happening in the United States or other countries which are affecting the U.S.

As has been stated at the top, I am a (fundamental) Conservative — so many of the opinions I will place into my articles and posts shall most likely be a little bit on the hard core side of whatever event(s) the post is about. This does not necessarily mean I am not flexible about matters; However, it will almost completely sway my commentary to the Conservative viewpoint.

I thank you for visiting my site page, and it is my highest wish for this site that you are pleased with what you read.

-Christopher Monn, mailto:cjmonn@live.com