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Taking A Break i Suppose

Well, even though i have qualifications in Sociology, Economics and Politics, i have come to be disgusted with bothering with any of it for now. Obama is continuing to tear this country apart with his “sloponomics” and mishandling of the system in general. He is the only president i know who is doing business and conducting  foreign policy worse than Carter. It is down right disgraceful. i am still proud to be a United States citizen, but only barely, and definitely not by Obama.

The GOP really needs to get their act together and soon. i feel that Herman Cain was a popularity trend because he is (and forgive me, this is not meant to be a racial slur,) black, but it would seem likely that he is going by the way-side now. Like it would have mattered, anyway. Cain is not a politician but strictly a business man. Carter was just a peanut farmer, and that didn’t turn out so good. Ross Perot was also a highly successful business man and it didn’t do him any good at all. So we need a candidate to take the front who is strong, tactful, a great negotiator, excellent in foreign policy to make up for Obama’s mistakes, and is preferably a governor.

But they haven’t been able to do this, and Obama continues to ravage the countryside like a maniacal beast killing everything in sight. So, all of this plus the likelihood that there really is no one reading my posts anyway, i’ve decided to just give it a rest for now. i am disgusted and tired and busy with other things anyway.


And with that, i’ll finish this, and this post – for now – as i started, “Taking a break, i suppose…”
C.J. Monn.

The Devil in the White House strikes again:

Obama Strikes at Medicare

Can you believe this? I got an Adobe Reader file from a site called While I was looking at a few videos on YouTube, twice an ad came up on the screen actually promoting the act and urging viewers to push the Senate to vote for the act. It was ridiculous, really, to read anything on that site. All they did was tout the “merits” of this idiotic “stimulus package”. Nothing was mentioned about the gasoline tax Obama wishes to raise or his idea of taxing mileage.

The sick part about it all was that the ad was sponsored by Google. Does it seem like a good idea for a company with as much internet influence as Google has to get too political? It sends a poor message to young people in this country. From what I’ve seen, it looks as though Google is taking sides at this stage – most likely becoming quite Liberal and obviously Democratic.

A Few Words In Their Honor

I know everyone else is saying it today, but I just hope for all of the best for those who lost family and/or friends September 11, 2001. Also, it is my wish for the survivors of that event to be able to have some hope and healing in their lives so they may be allowed to move beyond this and onto something good in their lives. I realize EVERYONE in NYC was affected in one way or the other, as was D.C. and much of the rest of the country. Perhaps now, though, the healing can begin.

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