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Taking A Break i Suppose

Well, even though i have qualifications in Sociology, Economics and Politics, i have come to be disgusted with bothering with any of it for now. Obama is continuing to tear this country apart with his “sloponomics” and mishandling of the system in general. He is the only president i know who is doing business and conducting  foreign policy worse than Carter. It is down right disgraceful. i am still proud to be a United States citizen, but only barely, and definitely not by Obama.

The GOP really needs to get their act together and soon. i feel that Herman Cain was a popularity trend because he is (and forgive me, this is not meant to be a racial slur,) black, but it would seem likely that he is going by the way-side now. Like it would have mattered, anyway. Cain is not a politician but strictly a business man. Carter was just a peanut farmer, and that didn’t turn out so good. Ross Perot was also a highly successful business man and it didn’t do him any good at all. So we need a candidate to take the front who is strong, tactful, a great negotiator, excellent in foreign policy to make up for Obama’s mistakes, and is preferably a governor.

But they haven’t been able to do this, and Obama continues to ravage the countryside like a maniacal beast killing everything in sight. So, all of this plus the likelihood that there really is no one reading my posts anyway, i’ve decided to just give it a rest for now. i am disgusted and tired and busy with other things anyway.


And with that, i’ll finish this, and this post – for now – as i started, “Taking a break, i suppose…”
C.J. Monn.

The Devil in the White House strikes again:

Obama Strikes at Medicare

Can you believe this? I got an Adobe Reader file from a site called While I was looking at a few videos on YouTube, twice an ad came up on the screen actually promoting the act and urging viewers to push the Senate to vote for the act. It was ridiculous, really, to read anything on that site. All they did was tout the “merits” of this idiotic “stimulus package”. Nothing was mentioned about the gasoline tax Obama wishes to raise or his idea of taxing mileage.

The sick part about it all was that the ad was sponsored by Google. Does it seem like a good idea for a company with as much internet influence as Google has to get too political? It sends a poor message to young people in this country. From what I’ve seen, it looks as though Google is taking sides at this stage – most likely becoming quite Liberal and obviously Democratic.

     This is, of course, just an expression. I am not one who would be in a position to start a career in an office, neither local nor national. However, it is within my means to give some insightful commentary (and unfortunately, perhaps a bit of biased opinion,) Make no mistake, though: I am by far and wide no Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck – or Bill O’Reilly for that matter, though mentioning him is a bit of a stretch for me.

     Simply put, financial and economic matters in our country are in dire straights now, perhaps worse than they were in the 90’s. The recession we suffered through then was a bad situation, with production, exporting and our overall GNP severely sloped. The unemployment rate in the 90’s, particularly July of 1992, was spiked to a tremendous 7.8-8%. This was a debilitating time in our country, one which was unfortunately placed on the shoulders of an incompetent yet somehow extremely, overly fortunate President who was blessed enough to be surrounded by sufficient cabinet members who knew a little about what they were doing. They gave enough optimum advice to Clinton, who, might I add so we never forget, was busier and more interested in getting hummers in the Oval Office than actually paying attention to our country, and he was able to take credit for pulling all of us out of a fearsome recession. In truth, it was really in the later 90’s that the [.com] explosion in the DOW and NASDAQ which gave wings to the national economy once again, even though there were many internet companies which went bust shortly after that (if they weren’t bought out by stable companies first.)

     Now it is a known fact that the U.S. market goes a little unstable altogether whenever the executive office exchanges hands with a new President-elect. This activity can trigger such a reaction in many phases of our economy, and that gives the potential for a downslide within that year or so. Regardless, this reaction within the economy is almost always blamed on the former administration. I’ll admit there are times when this is somewhat true. I don’t believe the nineties was a time handled best in the hands of George Herbert Walker Bush, though he and his administration tried. His approach was still a little bit too left-wing and spend-thrift. His ideology of politics was one of a Liberal Republican, and such a thing can be dangerous amongst the GOP. After some time, he began to turn around and travel along the path of a Conservative, changing a lot in his administration and so his economic policies also changed. But it was a little late since his four-year term was near an end, and his performance was not favorable. Bill Clinton took office in the nineties, and the market went shaky once more. So then the U.S. economy began it’s downslide and the blame fell on the former administration, even though there have been several pitfalls with the Clintons, and I am sticking with the Clintons’ political platform, not their personal behaviors. This is strictly a Socio-Political commentary site, not a gossip column.


     All of this aside, there now lies a challenge ahead of us all here in the United States. We are on the verge of yet another major recession, and this time, it does lie squarely on the shoulders of this current administration. Barak Obama, in all his (absent) wisdom, is about to unleash hell upon us all; It is a hell in the form of an Executive Act that “claims” to be able to promote job growth in our troubled economy. The problem is, it is yet another Liberal spending idea which will only pull more money out of the pockets of the majority of our populace in the form of increased taxes. In other words, Obama plans to take from one hand only to place it in another, and so in reality giving us nothing. Nothing but meaningless toil, that is.

     As usual, Obama claims the taxes will be “across the board”, but if history is any indicator, and it usually is, then the taxes will be from the pockets of our middle-class citizens and not those of our more “upper-class” and (don’t forget) the big interests. As always, lobbyists are a powerful tool in the Liberal agenda. This “jobs Stimulus Package” of Obama’s will critically injure our country. Yes, we do have a tremendous need to create new jobs for our citizens, not the illegal immigrants, but this is definitely not the method we should use. It is a bandage this administration is trying to place over our problems, not actually getting into the wound and making a solid, healing repair.

     May I also add that President Obama has raised the issue of raising additional taxes on gasoline, making matters even worse. Also, he has admitted interest in the administration’s proposal of somehow “taxing mileage” on our vehicles. This could only be achieved by mandating the integration of a device in each newly-manufactured auto in the country which can keep track of the autos’ mileage. And for the vehicles already on the road and older ones, a similarly effective device may be retro-fitted on these vehicles as well. This would be a massive undertaking, occupying many years to complete… perhaps more years than Obama will last in office.
     Okay, for the first issue – the possible gasoline tax increase: Gasoline prices are literally the backbone of the U.S. economy. As it is, the current prices of crude barrels, dictating how much U.S. gasoline will cost, have been turning down economic trends for the better part of a decade now. Things like this tend to only get worse as time goes by and it is a trend. This trend is similar to the newer mathematics of Chaos Theory. A butterfly flaps it’s wings in a province of South Africa, and as a chaotic chain of events, it unexpectedly rains in New Mexico in the United States. So a trend tends to follow a similar behavior as Chaos Theory does. Gasoline prices take a rise, so merchants who transport their goods and products across land by cargo vehicles will have to raise the prices of that which they sell. In turn, to make up the cost due to their wholesalers, the retailers also have to increase what they sell – both to “break even” and to make their own profit. In result, the entire chain of events falls down to the consumer, who has no choice but to pay the heavily increased prices. It is like this all over the U.S. in many different ways, and in all cases, the driving force is determined by our gasoline prices. If he had competent advisors and cabinet members, President Obama would be informed of this since I seriously doubt he can do little more than deliver a slight polish on a well-written speech. Sorry Dems.
     For the next issue I mentioned, the “mileage tax” proposal, I highly doubt that will get far off the ground. There will be little to no support for it at all, since virtually everyone drives a car. Such a tax is ludicrous and wildly offensive, as it politically and socially borders on Communism. But it is very much like the far-leftist Liberal Democrats to make such a proposal.

Okay! That’s it for this time around. I believe I’ve said enough, and I’ve given enough for readers to think about. Please feel more than free to post me some comments. I would love to hear from anyone, regardless of your stand-point in this arena.

A Few Words In Their Honor

I know everyone else is saying it today, but I just hope for all of the best for those who lost family and/or friends September 11, 2001. Also, it is my wish for the survivors of that event to be able to have some hope and healing in their lives so they may be allowed to move beyond this and onto something good in their lives. I realize EVERYONE in NYC was affected in one way or the other, as was D.C. and much of the rest of the country. Perhaps now, though, the healing can begin.

Click here for a site about what’s going on now…

This is about a personal experience which recently involved myself and a company I have come to despise. It is not going to be a post that conforms to the usual material I will be posting. It’s not such a good way to begin this blog, I agree, but it is just a little something I felt was necessary  to share with all who read Cranium. Hopefully, I can get some feedback from a few others about this post, confirming what I am trying to convey.


     *By the way – if you have not already done so, please visit the About page. It serves as a sort of “charter” for this blog site and gives a few details as to what my purpose and intentions for it are.


Anyway, this is about my adventures in attempting to deal with a communications company called Verizon. Just this month, on the 4th, I contacted them with the decision to have them provide internet service. I discussed, at length, the services and terms of their provision with the customer service representative. What a laugh that process was! Customer Service? I do not think so. Half of these reps act as though they have no idea what they are doing, and they all continue to repeat the same questions. Their computer systems most certainly record and shift the information given from one terminal to another, so the reps should have the account information in front of them. But they don’t. It is always the same damn problem: only a handful of them actually read the notations made on the account pertaining to whatever issue is currently under way, or what might have been discussed with another rep in a previous call – and I made a LOT of them. Honestly, I lost count after about fifteen calls, but I would not be at all surprised to discover that two dozen calls were made.


The point of this first-person perspective article is the absolutely horrible performance of these “customer service representatives”, if that is really what Verizon insists on calling them. On some days, I needed to make up to three calls a day to get to someone who was qualified enough to give me more precise answers. And if anyone knows how this is, even with another company perhaps, then that person or persons can understand and relate to it. Seriously… it were as though these reps were not aware of the possibility that the transmission was being recorded. Also, if I requested to speak to a supervisor, the request was dodged and subverted – all of the time. In all of those multitude of calls I was never able to speak to anyone in an administrative position. It took forever to get the first HSI package installed, and a “line tech” was required to visit my place to fix an external problem which prevented any signal at all. It was approximately a week-and-a-half before this tech came to my home to do the necessary work. Their reps constantly gave me the ridiculous excuse that they could do nothing about the “work stoppage” due to the Verizon employees’ strike. What a load of bull, and I told them that the strike was an internal problem and should not reflect on Verizon’s customers in the least. It is the company’s responsibility to maintain service and good customer relations and they were not even attempting to do this. I know Verizon lost a considerable number of customers and I was just about to be amongst that number. But I hung in a little longer and fought my way through.



Companies like Verizon and others, large corporations, tend to grow so large that their employee spread gets to be too numerous. The number is so large, in fact, that it can be difficult to maintain order and proper training for them all. The first ones to greet an individual are the most crucial and therefore should be trained intricately so they are able to make the best impression possible. They should be empowered with the tools to operate smoothly and have the knowledge and clearance to provide what is needed in the call. These representatives can give good customer service if given the chance, but in most cases they are clearly not. From my experiences the reps respond as though they are just given a desk with a terminal and a chair, additionally given a set of papers with general information and instructions on what to say or do, and that’s it. It’s pathetic. It’s no wonder these large companies have financial problems and have to be given a federal “bail out”. We all know where the root of the problem lies, however they don’t want to listen.


Am I right or am I right? Give me a shout out here with your own opinion on this. I welcome all opinions and respect your right to have a contradictory thought or two. That’s what makes the world go around, after all. Open-mouthed smile